Health and Safety

Safety remains a top priority and core value for everyone at Electrotron. We are committed in maintaining our safety goal of zero harm, and we strive to manage our activities to eliminate incidents, minimise risk and promote excellence in operations performance.

Our safety strategy is built on a strong foundation of leadership and competency, and is strengthened by clear policies and procedures relating to incident investigation, safety risk management, behavioural science and best practice standards.

As a result of our safety culture, practices and leadership from all levels, we have achieved a zero Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR). Our drive towards zero harm is based on three key safety principles:

A zero mind-set – we believe that all injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable

·         Simple non-negotiable standards – standards and guidelines must be consistently applied across our organisation

·         No repeats – if an incident does occur, it is our responsibility to learn from it so we prevent the same incident from happening in the                                              future.

We have launched and implemented the NOSA Five Star management system (CMB0001). The health and wellbeing of our employees has a direct bearing on their ability to perform safely and productively in the workplace. Our vision is that no employee is harmed by working at our organisation, and that the health of those who work for us is improved. We undertake risk-based medical examinations on all of our employees.

In achieving our Safety, Health and Environmental objectives we are committed to:

  • Conduct our operations with due regard to Legislation, standards and other requirements relevant to our business in terms of Safety, Health and Environment.

  • Continually improve the Safety, Health and Environmental performance.

  • Do Hazard identification and Risk assessment and ensure the training of personnel.

  • Ensure that employees report all Safety, Health and Environmental related incidents.